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Let’s face it: Most of us can’t handle talking about death. We’re awkward and uncertain; we blurt out platitudes or say nothing at all; we send sympathy bouquets whittled out of fruit. Over here, we’ve been convinced that we can all do better.

Since 2013, Modern Loss has worked to eradicate the stigma surrounding honest talk on grief and the long arc of loss, and to focus on the resilience that each of us has the capacity to grow. This project grew out of two friends’ (Rebecca Soffer and Gabrielle Birkner, hello there!) separate experiences with sudden loss, and their struggle to find resources that weren’t too clinical, overtly religious, patronizing or, frankly, cheesy.

This is the place to share the unspeakably taboo, unbelievably hilarious, and unexpectedly beautiful terrain of navigating your life after a death. Because loss is a “forever” thing that takes on different shapes as we move through it, and while you may need us more often at times than at others, we’ll always be here for you, through career changes, breakups, parenthood and beyond. Beginners welcome.

What you will get here:

• Diverse personal essays from diverse people who have experienced all kinds of loss
• Q&As with notable figures who have something important to share
• Practical resources—from probating a will to respectfully getting your loved one #off social media to organizing things left behind to
• Creative ideas for exploring your own loss
• News about projects we think you’ll love
• Lots of ways to connect with other people who just “get” it, including AMAs with experts and authors

What you won’t get here:

• Judgment
• Tips to help you “get over” or “get past” it
• Anything associated with the idea of a “valid” loss. If you feel it, it’s real.
• The phrase “Everything happens for a reason.” Just … no.

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Modern Loss 
Candid conversation, community and resources on the long arc of grief and resilience. A bit of attitude; zero platitude. Beginners welcome.