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TODAY: An inaugural AMA with stylist and CEO Stacy London

Hi everyone,

With all the c̶o̶n̶c̶e̶r̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ kind of terrifying/exhausting/are-we-serious-still-here news about the spread of the Delta variant throughout the world, I know many of us are wondering about our ability to safely gather IRL over the coming months.

While I hope that none of us need to endure anything close to a repeat of the lockdowns we have already suffered (and if you haven’t gotten vaxxed yet, please do so!), I want to assure you of Modern Loss’ commitment to providing you with ongoing ways to directly connect with each other, our various experts, and all the other amazing people we interview.

So please meet our newest feature for paid subscribers – Open Threads and AMAs. These will allow you to directly connect with each other, our various experts, and all the other amazing people we interview on a more regular basis. They’ve been in the works for quite some time and you’ll see them with increasing frequency, all in the name of growing and strengthening this Modern Loss community and making you feel, hopefully, just a little bit less alone and a little bit more secure in the knowledge that you have the tools to handle whatever you’re dealing with.

🌟 On the heels of our special issue on friendship with “What Not to Wear” cohost and State of Menopause CEO Stacy London (if you didn’t read it, go here now!), Stacy will be popping in here to answer your questions on All The Things through Tuesday, August 10. 🌟

Stacy has been a longtime friend and supporter of our Modern Loss mission and is an incredible source of inspiration for everything involving repurposing/reusing inherited items, advice and feedback on what helps her through incredible adversity, grieving a parent, honestly about friendship after loss, and so much more. The best part? You can also directly connect with each other here, too.

Please dive into what is already a lively exchange by becoming a subscriber for 20% off the annual rate. It’s pretty clear that we need an ongoing invitation to engage with the tough stuff as this pandemic drags on, and your support allows us to offer just that.

Have at it, and thank you, Stacy! ❤️

– Rebecca Soffer

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