Today is Grief Awareness Day. Here's how you can help.

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Hi everyone,

Today is Grief Awareness Day for the normal world, but for many of us, that’s a daily thing (aka, IYKYK).

There is absolutely no requirement that you turn your own loss experience into a mission. But if you’ve been feeling relatively powerless in the world lately (🙋‍♀️), here is an easy way for those of you in the United States to have an impact, and perhaps those around the world to get inspired by it: At this very moment, 16 senators are tasked with writing legislation that will determine whether Americans will or won’t receive bereavement job protection and wage replacement following the death of a loved one. And we’re really aiming for the “will.”

Why is this important? Because if your person dies today, you could be fired for not going to work tomorrow. Let me write that again, because I know your brain just exploded from how ludicrous this is: IF YOUR PERSON DIES TODAY, YOU COULD BE FIRED FOR NOT GOING TO WORK TOMORROW.

We are so close to passing a bill that will protect grievers, of which there are millions upon millions these days in the United States alone. But again, this will come down to 16 elected officials who need to hear from you now about why such protections are important, and this goes way beyond funeral planning: We’re talking about necessities like finding a place to live, gaining access to bank accounts, transferring car titles, the list goes on.

Our friends at Evermore have set up an easy-peasy page that allows you to contact each legislator with just a click. So call and leave a personal voicemail with your story, tweet away at their handles, send those emails. Help to make one of the worst times in a person’s life just a little bit more doable. And no need to live in their jurisdiction, either. Contact them here before 9/15 and ask for FIVE days of paid leave.

Another way to meaningfully show that you get grief and the ongoing need for community and support across the long arc of it? Share Modern Loss with a friend who could use us. It lasts a lot longer than an emoji hug comment on someone’s social media post.

— Rebecca Soffer

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